The Queen / The Wicked Witch

The evil Queen from reknown tales enrolls into University in hopes of being more successful in her future endeavours!

The Concept

The story of 106 Piccadilly involves fantasy/fairy tales characters that are known to many of us already, Captain Hook & The evil Queen (who, for this story's purpose, is the very same lady from Snow White, the tales of Narnia, and who also plays the part of the Wicked Witch of The East from Oz). The film also features a young boy that very much resembles a youthful Harry Potter.

The story focus is mainly on the first two fairy tale characters who wish to enroll in a University to pursue degrees in certain fields and their reasonings behind wanting a 'proper' education. The humour of the story is drawn from the conversations of these fantasy characters with the front desk person of the University, another key character of this story, who has a personality very much resembling that of “Basil Fawlty from BBC's Fawlty Towers”, sarcastic, impatient and seemingly always on the edge of exploding. Many of the punch lines in the film cite references from the actual fantasy stories that these characters originally come from.

Read the full screenplay of the film here.